Our Tale of Sub-Zero Living in a Travel Trailer and the Abominable Snowman

The Abominable Snowman came to our camper door.

His frosty breath battered our door, our vent, our windows day and night as he sought his way in.

Try as he might, he couldn’t quite reach us. We had armored ourselves just enough, and fought his frigid grasp.

He bellowed outside our door.

As if trembling in fear of his anger, our camper shook.

The Abominable Snowman spit and frothed, encasing us in ice, trapping us inside.

Until he wearied of his tantrum and turned his cold gaze toward another prize, we waited in the warmth of our tiny castle. It wasn’t the strongest fortress clearly, but it withstood the worst we would most likely experience this winter.

Except what we encountered on the Oregon Trail…

We spent our time playing games with/against each other, such as The Oregon Trail card games and Quiddler, playing games on our phones (me: Bejeweled Stars, Toy Blast, Toon Blast, and Words Against Friends; Shane: Last Day on Earth), watching Avengers Infinity War (again) off Netflix, and simply enjoying each other’s company.

With plenty of food and flowing fresh water (we combated frozen pipes previously and learned from our battle loss Camper Living in the Winter: Frozen (Water Pipes)….Let it Go!), we could wait out this siege without concern. I made zucchini corn chowder to counter the ice and sub-zero temperature invasion. Soon I will share my kettle secrets.

The Polar Vortex accompanied his friend the Abominable Snowman. With a weakened, wavering jet stream from global warming, a part of the Polar Vortex legion escaped the North Pole and headed south for prey. A fierce freezing force not all could defend against, a dozen lost their lives thus far.


Strong winds and wind chills, the fists of the Polar Vortex, pummeled temperatures dangerously low, -50*F in some places, -21*F where we temporarily call home. While not foolproof against the Abominable Snowman, our planning helped us prevail against the odds. It’s a Wanderful LIfe!

We escaped eventually. Though, the Abominable Snowman lurks nearby still. But we have armed ourselves with new knowledge and will experiment with other fortifications.

With you, my winter camper comrades, I’ll share what I consider the best wisdom of others who have survived the Abominable Snowman too.

RV Winter Camping Tips

RV in the Winter

What Not to Do When Winter RVing

Do’s and Don’t’s of Cold Weather RVing

Yeti, the Abominable Snowman

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