Camper Cooking: Apple Brie Quesadillas (Vegetarian)

Warm, sweet, spicy, melty, cheesy, decandace, these apple brie quesadillas will satisfy your inner gourmet. Better yet, the only complexity of this delicacy is the taste! Cooking is super easy and quick. Only skills you need are knife wielding and skillet watching. 🙂

An apple and brie pairing verges on perfection, the sweet mingling with savory, the crisp punctuating the velvety cream, the acidic tartness biting into buttery nuttiness. Mmmmm! In other universal words. 🙂

These quesadillas are healthy too.

With 6g of protein and 8g of fat per ounce, brie packs a lot of energy, provides all the amino acids necessary to maintain your body, and has essential fats to reduce diabetes. It’s also low in carbs but high in vitamins A, B, and D and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and zinc (enables your cells to better uptake trace minerals such as manganese and copper). Considering you’re a skeleton wearing a meat wrap, your bones will thank you. 🙂 Nutrients in Brie

Apples are the superheroes of the food world. They keep the doctor away. 🙂 With a wealth of vitamins, especially vitamin C and the complex B’s, phytnutrients, and fiber, they accomplish the tasks of improving heart and neurological health and reducing risks for diabetes, breast cancer, and high cholesterol. Just make sure you eat the peel for the antioxidants and fiber. If you suffer diabetes or insulin resistance, you do need to limit apple consumption. Half of a small apple is 15g. Apple Health Benefits

For the apple brie quesadillas, I recommend Pink Lady or Ambrosia varieties. We found those superior to Honeycrisp. I haven’t tried Granny Smith apples, but I imagine its distinctive bite would complement the nutty brie.

Spinach serves as another nutritional superhero that keeps the doctor away. The leafy green contributes to skin, hair, bone, heart, eye, digestive, endocrine, and respiratory health due to all the vitamins and minerals packed into a cup. Spinach Health Benefits While you may know this, did you know a decimal error led to the myth spinach would increase your strength? Popeye downed a can of spinach in the carton to ramp up for his fights with Bluto. But spinach only provides 3.5mg of protein per 100g. Not 35mg! Popeye would’ve needed to chug 10 cans, assuming 8 ounce can.

The only other ingredient in the apple brie quesadillas is some kind of jam or sauce. Usually I prefer a hot pepper jam, but we didn’t have any in the camper. That’s a luxury for the house with lots of refrigerator space. However, we had the mango coconut habanero sauce I discovered I ❤ in the baked burritos, which I will post on later.

The steps, as I mentioned, are simple. Wield a knife. Scrape off the brie’s rind if you’re like me and don’t quite like it. If you have no qualms, then slice the brie thinly, no more than quarter of an inch. Cut your apple in half and the half into 1/2 inch wedges. You’ll need to cut away core bit and seeds if you didn’t core your apple. That’s all the knife wielding you’ll do.

Note on the tortilla. If you need to control your carbohydrate intake, then I recommend Ole’s Xtreme Wellness high fiber. It has 5 net grams of carbs. Shane has no restrictions and just wants the biggest quesadilla or burrito he can have. 😛

You’ll heat your tortilla on a large skillet. You can heat both sides or only one–depends on how soft or crunchy you want your quesadilla. Whatever side is your inside, place brie on one half, then top with apples.

On the other half, spread your hot jam/compote/relish/sauce. Add your spinach.

Check other side of quesadilla for browning and remove when crisped to your preference and brie has softened (or melting onto pan). Flip spinach half over. The quesadilla will slide off pan easily but guide it with a spatula.


  • One round of brie, sliced thinly
  • One apple (Pink Lady or Ambrosia), sliced, cored
  • Hot pepper jam
  • 2 tortillas

Word of caution: these are delicious but messy! The brie may ooze. An apple wedge may slip out. It might have gourmet taste, but it’s like kindergarten, where you can finger paint. 🙂

It’s so worth needing a napkin and handwashing. Finger licking good! Mmmmmm! Tryyyyy ittttt!

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