Trials of the Hypermobile Hiker

I’ve hiked beyond my threshold many times since I started the Wanderful Life. At least that’s what my physical therapist told me when I asked how to hike so I can avoid eliciting excruciating pain and aggravating a suspected tear that forces me to rest for days.

This pain interferes with sitting, standing, resting, and being. Imagine someone stabbing a hot sharp poker into your backside all day and night. Yeah, it hurts something fierce. And there’s nothing I can do about it. He said to wait until I can’t tie my shoes, walk, or function before considering surgery. Sooooo… that leaves me with giving up hiking (NO) or figuring out how to hike without triggering this pain (YES).

Seems my muscles fatigue during the hike. Then the muscles can no longer stabilize my hip joint, and the femoral head slips out of the socket. Can you say soft tissue damage? Hypermobility at its finest. Hence, the aggravation and pain.

However, I don’t get the pain response until after I finish hiking. I don’t know when I’ve hiked too long or too strenuously.

Therefore, I need to run some experimental trials on the trails. I need to find my threshold.

Once I find my threshold I will concentrate on building my muscle strength and endurance. He thinks this is possible. If not, then I’ll have to live with the consequences of doing more than my body can handle. Story of my life.

Did I mention I’m his most hypermobile EDSer? But I’m also his success story. Most EDSers with my degree of hypermobility are in worse conditions. Some in wheelchairs. Some in the hospital. Many with greater dysfunction. I can hike!!! 🙂 Granted, it took a year (+) of physical therapy to strengthen and stabilize my pelvis enough to keep me on the trails. Without him, I probably would’ve ended up in a wheelchair. I couldn’t walk more than a 1/4 mile without debilitating pain. Shopping killed me. Now I’m hiking moderate rocky trails. 🙂 ❤

Except maybe I shouldn’t.

Except I’m stubborn and I will.

Today I began my trial of experiments on the Kildoo Trail. I set my timer for 10 minutes. A 20 minute in-and-out hike (1 mile, give or take some) should’ve sufficed as a starting point.

But, now I know even that aggravates the tear and triggers the pain response I can’t stand. It’s not as bad as hiking the 3-4 miles (thus far), so I hope I can heal quicker.

I didn’t like stopping my hike so soon after it began. I wanted to hike the entire loop and spend my day with the Slippery Rock Creek.

It’s depressing to admit your limitations.

And I’m not ready to admit I can’t hike a rocky trail with lots of stepping up and down yet.

I’m too stubborn to.

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