Camper Cooking: Sweet & Spicy Citrus Salad

Ever since I went low-carb, I crave salads. I’ve always been a fan of salads with fruit though. I’m also a fan of sweet and spicy. Today I paired the two for an amazing lunch salad to enjoy outside on this beautiful spring day!

The planters hold future salads: Spinach and romaine lettuce. šŸ™‚ Also have sugar snap peas, marigolds, chamomile, red peppers, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts. Still need to plant squash.

The air trilled with the song of a Baltimore oriole. An overly friendly spider joined me for a romantic lunch. ā¤

The salad was as vibrant as the day. Plump blueberries. Succulent pineapple chunks. Fresh local greens.

I sauted Quorn chik’in tenders with the pineapple and sprinkled generously with red pepper.

I ā¤ Quorn chik’in tenders and meatless crumbles. They’re staples for us. High in protein, low in carbs, no gluten, soy, or maltodextrin or dextrose that other vegetarian proteins contain. Maltodextrin is like crack in foods, raising your insulin, making you addicted, harming your health. I avoid it like the plague. It’s amazing how many prepared foods and snacks contain it. Actually it’s not, considering how most food is prepared in a lab to “improve” taste, shelf life, irresistability, and craving.

Don’t mind me. My brain’s on my class on food security and the future of farming I’ll teach in the fall. šŸ˜› Part of food security involves access to nutritious, healthful food, and many popular and accessible items in the supermarket really aren’t good for health, only for supplying calories and reducing hunger.

And that’s why I eat as healthily as possible. Hence, a salad loaded with fruit and protein. šŸ™‚

And taste. Yum! The extra boost of flavor comes from drizzling a little of this Cuban-style citrus vinaigrette. Sweet & spicy!

You could add grilled tofu, wild-caught salmon, or pasture raised chicken if you eat other proteins. Blacken them with red pepper/cajun spice or marinade in a Caribbean jerk sauce.

You could experiment with the fruit too. Mandarin oranges, red grapes, mango.

But I enjoyed the unique pairing of pineapple and blueberries.

I say try it. Even with the Quorn chik’in tenders, vegetarian or not. Vegans will have to use tofu or another meat alternative. This Quorn product has egg whites in it; other Quorn products are vegan though.

Grab whatever greens you like. Add as many blueberries and pineapple chunks as you want. I have to limit my fruit intake unfortunately. But this salad satisfied my craving for fresh, fruity, and zing!!!

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