Honnnneeeyyy! I’m HOME!!!!

Clearly we’ve nicknamed our camper “Honey.” 🙂 For the last 3 weeks, our camper sat at Camping World, awaiting service to fix the water heater, a few leaks, and the DVD player on the TV. It sat without a single look-see. It sat neglected, while we parked ourselves in a hotel, feeling deprived of home and wasting money. 😡

During that time when Camping World failed to do their job, I did my job hiking still. I visited Beaver Creek State (OH), Raccoon Creek State Park (PA), Sewickley Heritage Park (PA), Brady Run Park (PA), and Tomlinson Run State Park (WV). None compared to Mcconnells Mill, but I enjoyed each wandering into wonder. Spring has sprung!!!For a few days, I did have to stay in the hotel room. Shane had either gotten toxic exposure at work or sick (tested negative for the flu). On his worst day, he had a 102.2 fever and a throat filled with pus. I had to play nurse, and it felt like a hospital room. Luckily he recovered quickly, even though he missed 4 days of work.I didn’t get sick, but I’ve had vertigo and dizziness for 2 weeks now. I’ve had to grab Shane or nearby structures to stop my fall. Once I fell on the bed, and another time I fell seated on the toilet when I hadn’t quite removed my pants. *sigh*I was diagnosed with benign positional vertigo about 15 years ago. They believe it stemmed from the head injury when I was hit by a car as a pedestrian. But I’m starting to wonder if it’s inflammation from cervical instability or my elongated styloid process pressing upon my carotid artery. I now spin when lying straight back or sitting up. Don’t even need to turn my head.Perhaps I can even blame the hotel bed. It’s hard as a rock, and my shoulders pop out every night and snap back in every morning. Hello, Arthrosis. I’ve had unrelenting pain between my thoracic spine and scapula. Not sure what’s out of place.But we’ve felt displaced without our camper. It might be too small, but it’s home. We’re more comfortable body, mind, and soul.So on the day his jobsite closed for the afternoon because of inclement weather, he decided we’d pick up the camper despite the lack of attention and repair. He figured he’d try to fix it. But he didn’t want to stay another day in the hotel, and we had new campground reservations we wanted to honor.I told Shane I wanted to speak to the manager to lodge a complaint and get the corporate number. We were supposed to have the camper back on the 6th, and it was the 12th and they hadn’t even looked at it. Unacceptable!!! Shane didn’t think I should bother, but you never know right? And what do you know…the service manager listened to me calmly and politely explain the situation and he asked if it would help if he brought two technicians out to inspect camper. Of course my t-shirt may have motivated him.Lo and behold, a couple hours later they addressed all our concerns. Supposedly we never even needed to drop off the camper. This triage work was how it wa s supposed to be handled. While I’m happy and grateful to the team we have an operable water heater, seals on the leaks, and a new TV with DVD player on order, I’m steamed about the situation. They really dropped the ball in the beginning and the following weeks. Each call was answered with “soon” until Shane’s like “What is soon? It’s been 3 weeks, brother.” Grrrrrrr!!!!But now we can shower and do dishes. :)And we have made a few other changes to our former ways. We replaced the mattress I didn’t like with an air mattress and gel foam topper. It’s definitely more comfortable for my joints, and I’ve slept better! Additionally we bought a shepherd’s hook upon which to hang our bird feeders and tiki torches to ward off bloodsuckers.Soon we’ll enjoy eating outside!!! When I go back home, I’m going to pick up my planters and our veggie seeds. I’ll do some container gardening!! :)It’s good to have the Wanderful Life again!! ❤

The Great High Chilly-Willy Winds and the Poo-Pee Slushie

I shouldn’t jest about high winds. High winds can topple weak trees and power lines, hurl anything as projectile missiles, tear anything loose from structures, and shake the walls, windows, and your fears. Loss of power means loss of heat, and without heat during a winter night, the potential exists for loss of life. Our only friend in this area left the campground for home, and encountered a power outage. Luckily they had a fireplace to keep warm since power didn’t get restored until 3 AM.

Our area experienced strong winds around 35 mph and gusts up to 60 mph. The latter are considered “whole gale” on the Beaufort scale. At this scale, damage can include “trees uprooted and considerable damage to buildings.”

And, I’m sitting in a tiny 15ft camper, listening to the wind angry-charge my way. The air rumbled in the distance and roared in to a crescendo as it buffeted the camper. Sticks struck the top and the sides. The camper shook and rattled. To be honest, I feared the camper would roll. Or a limb from the large tree beside us would snap off and crush us.

Twice, the wind snatched a container with shoes (we don’t have enough storage space to keep extra shoes inside; Shane put his in the bin, and I have mine in my car). It scattered his shoes, the lid, and bin every which way. The shoes and lid we found quickly. But, we hunted for the bin, searching where we believed the wind might take it. The winds varied in direction though. So we didn’t find it right away but didn’t quit because we didn’t want it blowing into the river. Eventually a gust guided us in the direction of the bin, and we found it outside of the campground, across the street, and resting in a ditch at the edge of the woods. It looked war-beaten.

The winds still have not stopped, but they come less frequently and without as much energy.

We did sustain minor damage: The wind unskirted part of the camper.

The wind also pushed the sewer hose off its support. While this doesn’t seem like an issue, consider the fact it rested upon the frozen ground and lost its downward angle. What do you imagine happened to the contents inside the sewer hose overnight? Yep, this morning when I went to the bathroom I couldn’t flush the toilet. *gross out face* At least I had a solution. When I repositioned the sewer hose on the support the contents inside flowed…like a poo-pee slushy. I could hear the icy slurry dump into the drain. If we didn’t reset the sewer hose (or couldn’t because the wind continued to unseat it from its support), we’d end up with a poo-pee-sicle. The toilet would eventually overflow into the camper because of the poo-pee ice-dam. But, the toilet flushed, and the poo-pee slushie moved down the hose as smoothly as my bowels had earlier. Disaster averted!!

The camprground looked a little wind-battered too. Trash, signs, and even the lattice screen in front of the women’s bathroom. No doubt more was amiss and a mess.

Since the winds have downed the internet (I have written this offline), I plan on going to the movies to see How to Train Your Dragon (3)! 🙂 I ❤ Toothless. And dragons, and even whole gale winds. This girl loves a thrill. 🙂