Camper Cooking: Crustless Mini Quiches (Vegetarian)

A crustless mini quiche is the easiest, quickest quiche to make, and it’s low carb to boot.

The basics of a mini quiche is 2 eggs per quiche. In the camper, I can only bake 4 at a time in the small convection microwave oven. So, simple math yields 8 eggs total to scramble in a large mixing cup. 🙂

I suggest using eggs from pasture raised chickens that have roaming room and access to insects as well as their feed. This boosts the nutritional value. You can observe and taste the difference. Eggs with higher nutrition have darker yolks, nearly orange. Pale yellow means chickens have fed mainly on corn feed, not grains, and lack a healthy varied diet and most likely live in poor crowded conditions. By buying eggs from pasture raised chickens you’ll support humane and sustainable farming. This is as important as supporting local and organic farmers. Search your area for farmer’s markets or find a friend who has a friend with chickens, if your grocer doesn’t carry them. 🙂

We found Nellie’s here in Pennsylvania. They have wide open grassy fields for their chickens and have a humane certified seal. Not to mention, they hired a company to research options for their cartons and chose a recycled plastic to reduce their carbon footprint. Better to reuse materials than rely on virgin materials. However, they are committed to finding better options. Nellie’s Free Range Eggs.

Same with the cream. I look for dairy from pasture-raised, grass-fed cows. Cows evolved to eat grasses, not GMO corn, which the industrialized meat and dairy industries feed their overcrowded livestock. Poor conditions lead to a multitude of diseases and disorders, and antibiotics come into play. Happy cows produce happy milk, they say. I say healthy cows produce nutritionally dense milk, which is healthier for you. Thus, I buy Snowville Cteam. Snowville Creamery

Kindred Cheese has a “Cows First” Program, whereby farmers adhere to standards to raise healthy cows through traditional methods. Cows are family too. 🙂 Kindred Creamery: Cows First

I will admit doing the right thing for the environment and animals is also the expensive thing too. Even if you replace the egg and dairy with vegan options, it’s still expensive. It’s a shame eating healthier, higher quality foods is beyond reach for some. For myself, I choose to spend my budget on this because my health is important. I respect your decisions but hope you’ll consider making choices that benefit both you and nature. ❤

Stepping down off the soap box (clearly bought used, second or third hand…lol)…

Shane loves crustless mini quiches and takes one to work for a breakfast break. He’s sampled many varieties of my mini quiches. Lately he favors broccoli and cheese. No matter what vegetables it’s always the same cheese: Kindred’s Mango Habanero Jack. His other favorite is spinach, tomatoes, onion, and cilantro. My favorite actually uses mozzarella instead and roasted asparagus. 🙂 To each his own! Experiment!!

To keep it low carb, I beat the eggs with cream. Unfortunately I don’t measure. I will guess it’s at least a quarter cup. My apologies for being that kind of cook. 🙂 The more cream you use, the less eggy. Too much cream you’ve made custard. 🙂 So err on the side of less.

After beating the eggs and cream until all the yolk is perfectly blended, I add the chopped broccoli and grated cheese. For 4 mini quiches, I grated half the cheese wheel and chopped very finely the crowns off one tree. You can adjust the amount. If you want extra cheesy, add the entire wheel!! Or a cup of your favorite cheddar (perfect with broccoli).

I spray 4 ramekins and pour to just below the lip. The quiche will pillow high during baking but deflate a little after cooling.

I bake them in a 350* preheated oven for 35 minutes. I’ve found that’s the holy grail of time 99% of the time. 🙂

Serve with toast if you like. Enjoy your cup of tea or coffee too. 🙂

Reheat in oven or microwave if you’re making quiches ahead of time for the week.


  • 2 eggs per quiche
  • 1/4-1/2 Cup of cream
  • Vegetable/s of choice (this recipe, head of broccoli, chopped)
  • Choice of cheese (this recipe, habanero mango Jack)