Camper Cooking: Fried Parmesan Herb Crusted 6-Cheese Ravioli

Shane loves fried ravioli. I do too, but because of my carb limit and gluten sensitivity, I don’t indulge often. I figured we would splurge, except I should’ve watched the weather report and waited until after the rain because I ended up with severe headache pain. 😦 My emergency Relpax couldn’t even touch it. But that’s not the point of this blog. It’s for others to enjoy what I cannot. 🙂

Fried ravioli is so much yum!

The Giant Eagle carried its store brand raviolis, and the 6 cheese type sounded good! So I bought the family pack (2 meals for 2 people, if 1 of the persons only eats 4 as a serving. I’m that kind of eater.). Also picked up grated parmesan. At least coating it in cheese would keep the carb limit reasonable.

The process is simple but time consuming and messy.

In a small bowl, hisk 2 eggs with water (or milk if you don’t need to watch carbs; cream would do too).

In another bowl, add your parmesan, Italian herbs, and garlic powder.

First dip the ravioli in the egg and toss until all covered. Then drop it into cheese mixture. Press to coat. Flip over to repeat. If some spots look bare, just sprinkle on the cheese and press. Place aside until ready to cook. Do this for all the ravioli.

You can fry in oil on a skillet or bake. I opted to fry because our convection microwave oven doesn’t like to brown and crisp cheese. Couldn’t risk ruining the parmesan herbed crusted ravioli after all the time and messy fingers.

Heat oil (coconut oil or your choice vegetable oil) in a large skillet. Have a plate or sheet lined with a towel to catch any excess oil after frying. If baking, spray the raviolis with olive oil cooking spray and bake at 400*F for about 20-30 minutes or until crispy and golden. When frying, you’ll need to flip when browned on the underside. The ravioli may puff too. That’ll be another indication to flip, or at least check. Don’t walk away while frying. It doesn’t take long. Maybe 5 minutes per side, if that.

Flip with caution. Hot oil may splatter.

Cook until desired doneness. Let sit on towels until cool enough to touch. You can’t bite into them when they’re hot. Not unless you’d like to keep the roof of your mouth from blistering. 😛

They look beautiful don’t they? Like crispy bites of heaven. And yes they tasted amazing. Best fried ravioli I’ve ever had. The 6 cheese made a huge difference to me. Yum! I mean I regretted eating them later, but at the time…oh nom nom nom! 🙂 I serve them with a marinara sauce. You could easily dip into alfredo sauce or even a garlic butter or pesto. Whatever you want!

Enjoy!! Two nights if you can. You can bake leftovers for 15-20 minutes at 400*F.