Mold in Our Not-So Stronghold!

Yet, another problem with full-time camper living in a travel trailer not built for all seasons. #cursing

I just cleaned all the mold off the cushions around the bed. I’m guessing this is why we’re feeling so poorly. Shane’s having nighttime asthma attacks; I’m dealing with allergies and terrible headaches (but then it’s raining, so I have more triggers than I can handle).

I used my homemade cleaner–1 part vinegar, 1 part water, orange-oil infused by soaking orange peels in the mixture for a day. It’s a non-toxic, cheap, natural bacteria, germ, and MOLD killer. I highly recommend you ditch store cleaners and make your own effective cleaner. Simply save an old empty spray bottle and refill as needed. However, I need a new sprayer. Seems those old ones only last 4 years. 🙂

I have removed all the side cushions but can’t remove the bottom cushions because of the mattress. At the moment, I’m drying out the cushions and the walls. We have a very small space heater for this purpose.

I hope I killed all the mold. Cleaning has got me sneezing. I am literally allergic to cleaning. 🙂

I hope now we’ll feel better. And since running the electric heater and the dehumidifier didn’t keep mold from growing in the hidey places, I’m going to remove the cushions every day, preferably at night so air circulates and moisture can evaporate. But if not night, then definitely morning. It just means I probably have to dry or clean the cushions again. We’ll see what we do. This Wanderful Life is all an experiment anyway! Just don’t really want the camper to be the test tube.